10 Best Cities to Retire In Oregon


In general, Oregon is a bit higher priced than other US states for general expenses. With this said, many cities are retiree friendly, and when you know where to move, affordability is something that you can find in the state. In addition to affordability, retirees want to feel as though they are a part of a close knit community; many cities in Oregon offer this benefit.

Depending on activities you enjoy, the weather, and local amenities you desire, certain cities are better situated than others for retirees. So, taking the time to find out which cities offer things you like to do, before settling in on where to move, is in your best interest when planning for retirement.

No matter what you are looking for as a retiree, Oregon has plenty to offer to those who are a part of the 65 plus community. When deciding where to move in the state, these are some of the top, retiree friendly cities to consider, for those who want to retire in the state of Oregon.

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