California’s 10 Most Dangerous Cities


Disclaimer: These stats are pulled straight from the FBI Uniform Crime Report for California. Although the state of California is quite large, and has the highest number of inhabitants in the US, not all cities are representative of the high crime rates which the state experiences. Due to the fact that some outlying cities are quite small, we limited this list of cities to only cities with a population of 50,000 or greater.

These are lists of crimes and known offenses to police in the area, meaning it is not representative of all crimes which do occur in the cities since some may have gone unreported. Further, the list of cities below only includes violent crimes which are reported, so not all minor offenses are taken into consideration in this article either.

Depending on location, population density, and the area, certain cities have more violent crimes than others. These are the top ten cities in California, based on the FBI website, documenting violent crimes which are known and reported to police forces in the cities.

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